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% Information related to bitname.bit

domain:           bitname.bit
name:             d/bitname
expires in:       12961 blocks
status:           registered
admin-c:          noc@mega-net.ru
tech-c:           noc@mega-net.ru
info:             BITNAME.RU Project. P.S. Thanks to BM-2cXeN1HuY8h7nYAkPj1mny4Ki4wywPorwM for tranfer of this domain
nameserver:       ns.bitname.ru
nameserver:       ns2.bitname.ru
address:          N8DjCWi2WS1LNVP55JWt9ZNirb6wagAL98
height:           395776
txid:             2f8fa94666eb788a4af81c5e32623a2b012bd7e84e5e6c6e00c0d5a91fef2e41

last update on:   2018-04-27T06:03:12Z

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